Who We Are

Healthnetwork Foundation was founded in 1991 by entrepreneur Bill Rowley as a give back to his fellow CEOs and business leaders who drive the economy and create opportunities for so many.

Bill found that his peers had great networks to get advice and direction about business issues, like marketing, strategy, legal, finance, accounting, etc., but they were at a loss when it came to what to do when faced with major medical problems. Bill set out to create a network of the best doctors and hospitals in the world and build a compassionate team of medical coordinators to guide supporters through their medical issues.

Today, our team of 19 staff members handles over 5,000 medical requests each year. For nearly 30 years, our nonprofit organization has been sustained by the generosity of our members, ensuring that we have the resources to serve and grow. As a nonprofit, we donate back to our physician and hospital partners to support medical research, advancing medicine for all.

Corporate Team




Chief Operating Officer


Director of Marketing


Medical Coordinator


Medical Coordinator, Cincinnati


Medical Coordinator

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Medical Coordinator


Medical Coordinator

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Relationship Manager

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Medical Coordinator


Medical Coordinator

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Medical Coordinator

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Board of Advisors

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Chairman & Founder, Healthnetwork Foundation

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B Fernandez, MD 2019_C.jpg

Baptist Health Medical Group, Chief Executive Officer

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Early Childhood Intervention Specialist

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President and CEO, Babcox Media Inc

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Partner & CoFounder, CCC Alliance, LLC

CEO & Senior Partner, Miller-Valentine Group.

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Chairman, Steere Enterprises