We consider it a great honor to serve as a personal health advocate for those going through medical issues, and over the years we have been fortunate to have helped tens of thousands of people.


Three for Three

My name is Rich Kerschen. My family and I have been blessed with good health over the years. Three times in my life I’ve needed access to specialty care—and all three times Healthnetwork came through. I’ve known about Healthnetwork for years, first through YPO and now through my Legatus membership. I hate to imagine where we’d all be today if not for the connections they’ve made possible.

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Taking It Up a Level

Ding-dong! Mike Espeset waited in the December cold for someone to answer the front door. As the president of Story Construction in Iowa, Mike has a tradition of giving Christmas hams to the company’s 130-ish employees. This year, one of his project managers, Shane Geiselhart, had been suffering with back problems and working from home. Mike saw Shane regularly on Zoom meetings, but it had been a while since he had visited him at home, so he decided to drop off the ham in person and check in on Shane.

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The Best Care, Fast

What is a woman like that doing in a town like this? The more Doug Mayer looked at Sarah Cizmas’s profile on match.com, the more curious he became. He remembers thinking, “Here’s this woman—she’s traveled a lot, she’s well-read, she’s gorgeous, she’s a financial advisor at a respected firm—and she was living in this tiny stop-over island in the middle of the ocean in the Florida Keys.” He had to meet her.

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Was My Hearing Lost Forever?

The patter of raindrops on the windshield, the rhythmic sound of an office ceiling fan, family voices at the dinner table— the sounds that filled Tak Sato’s daily life disappeared one day. Plunged into silence, Tak found his usual glass-half-full attitude put to the test.

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Fantastic Relationships for the Win

As a former NFL player, Luis Castillo is very familiar with surgery. He’s had at least 15 of them—mostly orthopedic, some of them major. So when his local physician, a well-known Ear, Nose and Throat doctor in San Diego, told him he needed a quick outpatient surgery to remove a polyp on his vocal cord, it seemed like no big deal.

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Hold the Phone!

Steve Hoyt’s wife and friends wanted him to get a second opinion, but Steve was reluctant. He’d already seen his primary doctor, a dermatologist, an oncologist, and a radiologist. Everyone agreed: the lesion on his nose was cancer. Why waste time and resources traveling to another city for yet another opinion? But to appease his loved ones, Steve agreed to go to the Mayo Clinic. He never imagined what a drastic difference it would make.

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