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Tina Rossi, RN, BSN

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Tina Rossi joined Healthnetwork Foundation at the start of 2023 after 12 years as a nurse in a wide variety of clinical settings. Her nursing experience was primarily at The Cleveland Clinic where she worked in neurology -- both critical care and ambulatory – and endocrinology, and where her most recent role was care coordination in pediatric hematology. Healthnetwork is a good fit for her because the breadth of her experience aligns well with the diverse needs of our membership.

Tina is a longtime resident of Lakewood and likes everything about the Cleveland area – even the snow, when we’re lucky enough to get it! She enjoys live theatre and music and is always ready to learn a new method to implement in her textile art or her baking. She also loves travel of all types and finding new pieces for her collection of green glass.