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Todrick Taylor

"My family has a history of essential tremors. My father, my sister and I all have them. However, we noticed that my father’s tremors were worsening. Wanting the best for him, I began seeking out the best specialists. He had specialists in New Zealand, but were they cutting edge?"

"An EO colleague suggested calling Healthnetwork."

"I had heard good things about Healthnetwork, but this would be my first opportunity to work with them. I sent an email to them and Scott replied very quickly.

My father was in New York visiting my sister Rebecca. I asked Scott if he could see someone while he was there. Scott made it happen.

My father, mother and sister all went to his appointment at Mount Sinai Healthcare in New York City. He was seen by 3 specialists that day and spent over 3 hours with them. They confirmed what we thought. His tremors had progressed into Parkinson’s Disease. However, we are confident of the treatment plan outlined by the physicians and dad could continue treatment home in New Zealand."