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Melissa Murphy, spouse of Shenan Murphy

"I knew my 17-year-old daughter Ryley was suffering. Unfortunately, there were many people who felt that if you couldn’t see the injury, it didn’t exist."

"After a concussion, Ryley had been seeing local Cincinnati specialists for migraines and a condition called bilateral occipital neuralgia."

"This diagnosis causes nerves from the spinal cord up through the scalp to become inflamed. Pain is felt in the back of the head or the base of the neck. Unbearable pain. Two medications, five nerve blocks and still no relief.

Amanda, our Healthnetwork Medical Coordinator was great at securing local experts for our family. With Ryley’s case, I asked if we could expand the search for experts to other hospitals. Amanda connected us to Melissa at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Melissa was able to get Ryley an appointment with a pediatric neurologist, but more importantly Christopher Oakley, MD, is the Director of Johns Hopkins Pediatric Headache Center. It took us a few months to coordinate schedules, but we were so happy with his care."

"From the beginning of the appointment, Dr. Oakley treated her like an adult and a confident person."

"In the exam room, he positioned himself so that he could focus on her and not swivel between the two of us. He explained his personal history of migraines as a result of a concussion, which made it clear he understood Ryley’s pain and discomfort. I could see the look in my daughter’s eyes that said this is real, he gets what I am going through. She finally felt like someone believed her struggles and could show her a way forward.

It was a great experience, we were overwhelmed that

Dr. Oakley could spend an hour with us. We will be continuing our care with him. Even Melissa came to visit us as we waited to speak with the doctor. You don’t get that level of care and compassion every day at a hospital and we are very grateful."

"I recommend others who are struggling with a diagnosis to take a chance and open their search parameters."

"You never know if you will receive new options or a confirmation of options for care. Either way, you will learn something and feel more confidence in your decisions for care.

Thank you Healthnetwork for everything you have done for our family.

Melissa Murphy, spouse of Shenan Murphy

Cincinnati, Ohio